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Tradition and Culture

It should be noted that in Moşna was kept the Parish House - historical monument - where lived forty-eighter sas priest, intellectual and Professor Stephan Ludwig Roth, in front of which is placed a bust of him. Moşna is preserving a rich museum collection open to the public placed inside the fortified church. After 2000, the town Moşna was noted as an important ethnographic center for traditional folk costumes Romanian and Saxon launching an agenda rich of cultural presentation of heritage, customs and traditions of the Joint Festival Cabbage (new edition) Festival culinary traditions the Târnave (two editions).

We cannnot end this conclusion without mentioning the visit of Prince Charles in Moşna as the 1998 event, taking the extensive works for the restoration of one of the most important monuments of the village with a well-defined cultural heritage including Transylvania Church - Fortress of Moşna.